Do It Yourself. Speak Your Truth.

April 03, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

Do It Yourself.  Speak Your Truth.

We conceived the idea of our first DIY series of t-shirts as a response to people wanting to add their own voice to the conversation.

  • Friends who understand what the #BlackLivesMatter movement is really all about.
  • Co-workers who appreciated seeing not one, but multiple accomplished and inherently capable women take the stage campaigning for leading our nation into the next decade.
  • The countless people around the nation angered at a growing number of gun-related massacres while our nation’s leaders sit on their hands instead of enacting laws to protect our nation’s children.
  • People of color who read and listen to the stories of people mistakenly accused of criminal acts because of their inherent features, and know what it is like to be “watched” as they go about their daily lives.

Our do-it-yourself series was designed to convey messages of solidarity and support amongst a beautifully diverse nation of people.

Color, orientation, identity, and status are identifiers that history has consistently shown foster separation and divisiveness. 

Our hope is that through graphic design and fashion, we can let our personal truths unite us as fellow humans whose lives are truly enriched by our distinct individuality.

Speak up for yourself. Speak up for your future. Speak up for others.

Use your voice today and SOUNDOFF.  We give you the canvas to wear it proudly.

Daryl Sneed / Exec Director

Suzanne Claussen / Editor

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Christopher Davidge
Christopher Davidge

May 19, 2020

Excellent campaign! Merci buckets

Blessings to all y’all!

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