Behind The Design: MAKE LOVE NOT WAR

March 19, 2020 1 min read

Behind The Design:  MAKE LOVE NOT WAR

I had a whole backstory in my mind for this design. This girl in a field of flowers dancing around in a helmet she pulled off a soldier’s head. It’s all about freedom and exuberance. Even the bright fuchsia color is audacious. It’s very “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.”

The greater message of this shirt, however, goes beyond carnality. Don’t get me wrong, the shirt is absolutely saying: “It’s better to have sex than fight.” It’s all about free love and sex-positivity, but it’s also about the larger message of “What are you making with your life?”  We control our actions, and that’s really the only control we have in this world.

So, what are you actively manifesting on a daily basis? How are you making love happen in this world? How are you bringing more love into the world by being in it?

Make more love in the world. Make more joy.  Make more peace.

Bret Grafton / Art Director

Suzanne Claussen / Editor

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