You Made The Cut. Welcome to VARSITY SOUNDOFF.

October 06, 2020 2 min read

You Made The Cut.  Welcome to VARSITY SOUNDOFF.

Across every high school, college, and university, varsity represents the best. The top athletes and scholars who demonstrate exceptional talent and willingness to put in the extra effort, bringing perseverance, tenacity, and teamwork to every challenge. They know their classmates and supporters are counting on them to bring back the victory, and that they always have their back, no matter the outcome. They are the leaders and the stars.

For most of us now well past our educational adventures, today’s daily challenges dwarf the world-ending decisions we deliberated back then, such as “Who should I take to the homecoming dance?”

We are at a critical point in our nation’s history, confronting myriad challenges seemingly all at once: a pandemic, economic stresses, racial inequality, fires and storms brought about in part by unchecked climate change, and an election that will likely affect the future for generations to come.

It has worn us down. It has overwhelmed us. We are all constantly seeking the inspiration to keep fighting, to not give up, and to believe that we will overcome. 

Today, we are all called to join the varsity team. We are called to be the everyday “leaders and stars” and bring the victory of tranquility, justice, protection, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to our families, friends, co-workers, and the people we don’t personally know but who look, love, and live like we do.

VARSITYcelebrates the leaders who persisted in the face of adversity, leaving an indelible mark on our culture and our lives, the hard workers who distinguished themselves from the crowd by always speaking and living their truth, and the real-life “David’s,” who conquered the “Goliath’s” of our lifetime.

John Lewis, Greta Thunberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Laverne Cox, Chadwick Boseman, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Colin Kaepernick – they exemplify the belief that no barrier – age, color, gender, political pressure, even illness – should deter you from leading your team to change the outcome of the game.

And these leaders are not fighting this fight alone. Across the country, mayors and governors continue to advocate for their citizens while battling a counter-defensive nation and government. Ordinary citizens stand up and stand together to fight for racial equality despite violent clashes. They face barriers at every turn, and, yet, they persist.

VARSITY is about knowing your influence and rising to the challenge. It is about refusing to accept the limitations that others place on you. VARSITY is bringing your unique talents to the playing field, to overcome the barriers in our way. It is speaking the truth about what you see happening around you.

We honor your commitment. You’ve earned the distinction; wear it proudly.


SOUNDOFF Editorial

Daryl Sneed, CEO & Co-Founder/Co-Creative

Natasha Goburdhun, SOUNDOFF Contributor

Suzanne Claussen, Editor

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