Behind The Design: Art & The Nature Of Dreams

November 21, 2019 1 min read


Let me take you on a trip; around the world and back.

One of the design motifs I return to is the Astronaut as a symbol of higher thought. The Astronaut is the Galileo in all of us. The explorer floating through space, drifting through the stars. A dreamer unleashed.


A lot of my inspirations come from dreams and, with this design, I wanted to make something steeped in fantasy. The magenta tones work with the cobalt in a color contrast, making an illusory frisson that’s almost a 3D effect. There’s a blue heart to symbolize the love of inspiration, and the tulips symbolize paradise and the divine.


I feel like you can almost “fall into” this design. Get hypnotized by it. That’s my hope. Wearable art that frees your mind.

Bret Grafton / Art Director

Suzanne Claussen / Editor

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