Behind The Design: The Warrior’s Sacrifice

November 21, 2019 1 min read


Gun violence and the toxic rise of white supremacy are the great national threat of our times. Mass shootings have become a terrible blight on our culture, and this wave of violence disproportionately affects minority communities and young people.

The fear is the point. The evil perpetrators of these shootings are sowing fear. Sowing hatred. They’re trying to grow a horrifying new world of prejudice and division. We can’t let that happen.

Voices for peace have never been more important. We must continue to rise up and speak truth to those in power. We must continue to resist those who would divide us, as we also must continue to fight for each other.

When I was designing this piece, I kept thinking about the concept of beating swords into plowshares: turning a symbol of war into a symbol of renewal.


Artistically it’s also meant to honor those who have fallen in this particular war on our humanity. Poppies are a remembrance of fallen heroes. The crimson flowers represent their sacrifice.

Let’s cast away the weapons of war, and together grow a better world.

Bret Grafton / Art Director

Suzanne Claussen / Editor

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