Behind The Design: The Fight Is Never Over

November 18, 2019 1 min read



Polaroid as a medium has always been a magic process for me. It’s low-fi simplicity truly captures a moment in time, and the results are always singular and a touch surreal. 


This feel of this shot is straight from the Castro in the 1970’s. Denim and sex and ink.

This particular photo is poignant at this moment in time because, as I write this, because as I write this the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether gay and transgender people are covered by federal law barring employment discrimination on the basis of sex. 

Living in the greatest country in the world, with all the innovation and progress we’ve made, it’s hard to believe that firing people for being LGBTQ is still in question.  But it is.


The world we live in, for all its magic and all its promise, is still home to forces of hate and fear.

We’re not equal until we’re all equal. We’re not free until we’re all free.


Bret Grafton / Art Director

Suzanne Claussen / Editor

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