Are there issues you don’t agree with? Make your dissent heard by “voting your veto” and wearing this cozy thermal to spread the word.

Brands donate a part of their proceeds to important causes - 
July 02, 2020
A small way to help? Purchase products that align with the organizations you care about.



Sportswear International in the "Gallery" -  Jan 31 2020
Founders Daryl Sneed and Bret Grafton donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profits organizations that promote social and political change.

Violet's SOUNDOFF feature on Beauty Inside Us - Jan 28th 2020 
When I saw theSavage Beast Sweatshirt, I knew I had to have it.  Since it’s been so cold in LA (under 70 degrees IS cold), I have a new obsession with sweaters.  When I first put on the Savage Sweatshirt, I refused to take it off. The material is like butter on my skin and I can wear this every single day.  I love the fierce tiger patch right in the middle to show I’m not to be messed with. 

 - Dec 28th, 2019 
In this political climate, sometimes a little retail therapy can do the trick. But, with a big year ahead of us like the 2020 election, we can only hope for better results next year. One brand that is doing the work is Soundoff. The new gender-neutral streetwear label is disrupting the market with its inclusive approach and political focus. With its third release, “Life, Liberty, and Happiness,” Soundoff takes a collegiate approach to the political year in 2020.

Askmen - Sep 13th  2019 
Hustle, hustle, hustle was the name of the game for Bret Grafton. For most of his career, anyway. As he put it: he used to have 40 or so outside clients a year, all bringing a variety of projects and opportunities.