For the VOTER

December 12, 2019 2 min read

SOUNDOFF Holiday Gift Guide For The VOTER

We are just a few weeks away from another historic election year.
The debates have started.

The campaign ads are running.
The holiday parties and dinners are trying to steer clear from what will
be the dominating conversation in 2020 - our 46th President of the
United States and the direction of our nation for the next four years.
Here is a curated selection of gift items perfectly suited for everyone on
your holiday list (including yourself) as a reminder that we all have a job
to do next year and our collective future depends on it.

VOTE YOUR VETO celebrates not only the freedom of expression we all
have in shaping our government but also serves to get individuals to
exercise that right understanding the “why” and “what” they are voting

The SOUNDOFF “S” anchors our collegiate-inspired seasonal graphic
collection symbolizing the importance of 2020 in exercising the gift that
so many have fought and sacrificed to give to us all – the right to vote.

The perfect fusion of t-shirt, design, and message to serve "all people"
with effortless style.

"Give Peace a Chance" is an anchor design inspiring motivation for each
of us to find the courage to stand up, speak up and use our right to vote
to curb gun violence.

Go Register! Go Vote! VOTE YOUR VETO celebrates the freedom of

Gear for the season and to convey a message of equality and unity in
effortless style.

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