Drew Ferguson

Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Marketing & Development drew.ferguson@soundoffdesign.com

Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, and now back to Chicago—the many cities Drew called home during his adult life as he pursued the corporate “holy grail.” After successfully beginning his career in sales (BA, Miami University) and obtaining his MBA (Washington University; Olin), Drew held a variety of positions in brand, channel, and customer marketing for Fortune 500 companies that taught him the secrets to creating a strong brand and communicating and connecting to the consumer in a unique way. As someone whose corporate exterior always encased a more creative interior, soundoff provides the perfect playground for Drew to merge his marketing skills with a brand that truly speaks to his love of self-expression.

Daryl Sneed

Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Creative & Fashion daryl.sneed@soundoffdesign.com

A recovering pre-med/biochem major (BS, Rhodes College) who found the light by attaining his MBA (Washington University; Olin) immediately after undergrad, Daryl’s path to fashion and design definitely hasn’t been the most traditional. Daryl spent his corporate life as a management consultant working with two global consultancy organizations and as an executive with a health care analytics/intelligence company. Hidden well beneath that science and math surface was the burgeoning desire to explore more creative avenues. Daryl put his consulting and project management skills to use by jumping headfirst into building a women’s design business (ricorso) from the ground up while working full-time. soundoff is the platform for Daryl to merge his mastery of spreadsheets and presentations with his love of fashion and design. Daryl works closely with creative, marketing, and operations to ensure integration of the brand’s art and messaging into its core offerings. What clearly drives Daryl is to have a foot planted in both creative and analytical worlds.

Bret Grafton

Co-Founder, Creative & Art bret.grafton@soundoffdesign.com

Bret Grafton is a Chicago-based artist, photographer, and creative producer with BAs in photography and film from Loyola University. From designing soundoff’s original artwork to capturing its visual campaigns, Bret is the artist in residence for the brand at large. Blending evocative imagery and rock-star art direction, Bret is a content monster whose background includes collaborating with amazing brands. His work is always storytelling and emotional connection first. As an artist, Bret’s designs and paintings are a mix of screen prints, pop art, and pulp iconography. Bret’s vision is impactful, vivid, and graphic. One of his strongest-held beliefs is that art really can change the world—something beautifully crafted can touch you in a redolent and searing way and leave its mark on you. Bret also believes in the power of a great beard, inspired ink, and tequilas with sweetness that you can taste for days.

Chuck Morris

National Director, Operations and Finance chuck.morris@soundoffdesign.com

A finance, accounting, and management guru (BS, Rutgers; MBA, NYU-Stern) with 20+ years of experience in the field, Chuck loves new challenges and adventure, which led him to his current role with soundoff. Starting in early 2016, he helped refine soundoff’s business and financial strategies and he then helped build out operations as the launch approached. Chuck was voted the least likely to be the fashionista of the team, but he is a master at all things driven by process and numbers and has a passion for building and fixing things. When he’s not working at building soundoff or gut rehabbing a house, he loves traveling the world, skiing, biking, and playing tennis.