A brand is born.

In 2015, three friends with three distinctively different backgrounds came together around a common goal – to develop a cross-generational lifestyle brand that embodies and celebrates contemporary expression. Our inspiration drew from the iconic people and events that have helped shape our culture and history.

soundoff is the fusion of art, design, fashion, and expression. Our products offer a unique solution for fashion-minded individuals seeking individuality in a contemporary world saturated with digital/media "white noise" and manufactured uniformity.

soundoff brand elements are designed to infuse our products with the spirit of authentic expression:

The Name
The Name

This combination of two very common words in the English language creates a unique name for our brand. soundoff is about having your opinions, viewpoints, and inner voice heard in a world that needs to hear it.

The Logo
The Logo

The headphone is a device that over its lifetime has transitioned from being a passive and functional device used solely for listening to a modern-day essential in today’s digital and mobile world. It has been transformed into a style and fashion accessory that facilitates interaction with our greatly expanded “virtual” community.

We designed our products to similarly let you transition from wearing clothing that solely conveys aesthetics to wearing gear that actively conveys both your sense of style and a deeper sense of self-expression.

Icons, Soundbox, Personas, and Idols
Icons, Soundbox, Personas, and Idols

Icons— Jack. Harry. Josephine. Their names are an enduring legacy to authentic expression. Our creative transformation stylizes and celebrates culturally significant people whose journey, spirit, and authenticity offer insight and relevance to today’s world. Art is life, expression is living.

The soundbox is our graphical device, predominantly rectangular in shape, used to frame and communicate everything from our brand name to expressive messaging on our product.

Personas—illusionist, provocateur, iconoclast, and virtuoso to name just a few—are expressive categories that give voice to our icons and, in turn, allow communication of our inner authentic selves.

Idols are graphic designs combining our headphone logo and personas into symbols that deliver a truly signature way to wear and convey expression.

The Gear & Printing

The T-shirt. A widely embraced wardrobe essential that serves as the perfect canvas for designing expression. We intentionally select every garment, style, and color for each soundoff design to complement the art and best communicate its message.

We work closely with our printer and embroiderer to ensure translation of design to garment. Our gear offerings—t-shirts, tanks, and hats—are hand screened and embroidered, adding to the curated expression. Slight variations in elements in design are a result of the labor-intensive, hand-based methods involved in the various screening processes employed, including CMYK, simulated, discharge, foil, and burnout.

Our capsules are limited in quantities and selectively produced to bring distinctive products to our customers. We encourage use of our preview & pre-order to reserve items of interest in advance of their release as new arrivals. We continually monitor wish lists and email requests to potentially offer re-releases and additional versions of designs that generate high interest.

The Edition

Our online magazine that houses everything from how to wear soundoff offerings, to fascinating fashion and expression–related topics, to peeks behind our creative and editorial processes.

  • soundoffstyled: How can a t-shirt be worn as more than just a t-shirt? soundoffstyled illustrates styling options for each new soundoff capsule by pairing our new arrivals with the perfect jeans, blazers, ties, shorts, and athleisure wear, for around-the-clock fashion. Everything is fair game. Our team is well-versed in creating looks that can be created right out of your closet and offering suggestions that prepare you for the everyday runway.
  • soundoffsays: What do Mata Hari, Josephine Baker, Jack Kerouac, and Harry Houdini share in common with each other, and, more importantly, how does their legacy impact expression today? soundoffsays is our forum to provide insight into the “why” behind our selected personas and icons.
  • soundoffpresents: A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. soundoffpresents is where our brand visually “comes alive” through video and photography that runs the gamut from highly stylized editorial to light-hearted, stripped-down behind the scenes moments. Here you can explore the entire creative process behind how we ideate and design expression.